Unicorn Diaries Part 1: Stanford or Morehead?

Let’s rewind ⏪ to 2007 at NCSSM. My friend Mike Mian 07’ strolls into a room full of my hallmates and calmly lobs a grenade of a question: “Should I go to Stanford or take the Morehead scholarship?”.

The gut response from teenage boys is obviously …well Mike, you should go fuck yourself. It was the academic equivalent of, “Hey guys, which Victoria’s Secret model should I date?

While it was a lot of fun to go for the jugular, it was also the basic thing to do. Internally, I teased out a few perspectives before doubling down on judgement for the long term, like God would. The correct answer was C, per usual:

The guy is swimming in opportunity as a result of compounding years of hard work and earnestly wants to make the best decision for his life. He wants feedback from people he trusts.

Getting to know Mike better over the years has solidified this perspective. Like a lot of my friends, he is genuinely a great dude that wants to impact humanity for the better. My body has a new gut feeling that he didn’t go the UNC/Healthcare route because of a Grey’s Anatomy binge.

My one concern for his future is how unattractive he has become with age:

alt text

Mike also gets a special shout out for bolstering my selling point to caucasian women: Best case: Mian-esque, hybrid Habibis if it works out. Worst case: we split up and I write a nice blog post about you. That’s a pretty strong value proposition, but I digress…I take it you guys are smart enough to realize that Part 1 insinuates a Part 2. Might pull an iPhone & “X” tho.


Satoshi 07’


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